Hope Restored!

Who is 510 Counseling?

510 Counseling Group is a group of mental health providers who are passionate about people and helping them find the very best in themselves so they can create the lives they desire and deserve. We believe that people are the the experts on their own lives and that together, we can build something beautiful – even from the darkest parts of our stories.

At 510, we treat all ages in a wide range of issues – from ADHD, Autism, and other developmental disorders to trauma, anxiety, depression, personality disorders, and major issues in our most intimate relationships. We are happy to match you with the therapist who has the greatest level of expertise in the issues you are facing.

We’re also pretty excited to announce that we were selected as a finalist for the Best in KC in 2022 – “Best Mental Health Provider.” After only two years here in little old Grain Valley, America, we’re pretty thrilled to be noticed in the KC Metro. Thanks so much to our clients for allowing us into your lives and feeling like we’re doing a good job! 

Welcome to the office...

Our office is located at 1406 SW Eagles Parkway in Grain Valley, MO. We hope that everyone who enters the doors of 510 Counseling Group feels welcome and safe. Here are a few pictures to show you around our space. While you’re waiting, pull up a comfortable chair, make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and watch a little TV by the fire.

We’re glad you’re here!